July 4th Weekend

July 4th fireworks over Brooklyn Bridge.. looks pretty amazing (Source: unknown)
When our new Mayor announced earlier this year that the July 4th fireworks was going to be brought to Brooklyn and will stay on this side, we couldn't be happier but we instead decided to spend it with our friends at their place out in long island. It had been awhile since we had been back there and the kids (Chloe, Anja and Charlotte) hadn't seen each other in a long while. 


BBQ at Pier 5

The weekend prior (yes still playing catch up on here) we had a lovely long weekend... testing out the bbq along the pier near us which were installed in the last few months. It was packed as expected but still lovely to be able to have a bbq it's a rarity in this city. It was also the first weekend I've really been able to enjoy homework + stress free for about 3 mths and thankfully the sun was out for us and at 27 deg we felt it was boiling! We were so not used to it that it made us so sleeepy (I'm sure the champers and drinks helped with that)
Jumping about, trying out a hand stand! 
Missy was loving being outside and dipping her feet in water and being quite adventurous about it all. She was so happy!
Kayla came by for a playdate


Girls just wanna have fun!

Margeaux and Anja running off to play ball
Our friends who used to live in our building (now about 40 mins away) came by for a visit with her 2 daughters and it was oh so fun to have them back even it was for a day.
L-R: Vogue, Margeaux and Anja
Vogue and her friend Phoenix, Margeaux and Anja




Ideally I would have had it done within the first year she was born but Bossman thought we should wait till it was her own decision. She seemed keen a few months back and so at her recent yearly check up at the pediatrician's office, she did it, bravely, just after receiving 2 shots of "super powers" (Dr's words for immunizations). She cried for a bit and during our 40min trip from Upper East Side to Chelsea (to her school) one of our conversations went like this...

A: Mama, when you were baby, did you cry when you got your ears pierced
Me: I am sure I did, I was little, and you know what, I had to do it all over again later on
A: why?
Me: the hole closed so we had to re-open it again, thats why the Dr says not to touch it too much we don't want the earring to fall out and close the hole.
A: did it hurt
Me: yes it did and I probably cried
A: but when you get bigger and bigger you must be brave right?
Me: yes
A: I am 4 now so I'm getting bigger
Me: yes you're getting bigger and you were so brave and you got super powers
A: yeah but  if I have super powers I need my cape,  where is it?
Me: that's right, where is that cape. Will have to dig it out of the box, you can help me find it.


At the ballet

A couple weekends ago, I took Anja to watch the American Ballet Theatre up at the Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Centre. Her school gave out super cheap tickets for the 1hr special and for it they also received autographed pair of ballet shoes! What a treat it was and she was awe inspired.
From a shakespearen play 
A piece from Swan Lake