Sonderborg, Denmark

Line and her family took me down to Sonderborg, Jutland to her hometown. It was so restful, peaceful and wonderful home away from home company with her parents and family. 
This installation was created by one of Line's schoolmates!

The Queen of Denmark was visiting Sonderborg Castle (just behind) and this is her yacht!!  We missed the parade to greet her.

I had a really nice break, slept a lot, plenty of girl talk, laughter and caught up with some old school friends. I'm glad I took the break and glad to be back refreshed! 


R&R in Copenhagen

If you haven't heard already, I completed my studies about 3 weeks ago, I had what I thought was a week off to catch up on sleep which ended up being a mess as after not hearing from any firm about jobs and deciding to rest, I was rushing about going to interviews. 2 days later, I was offered a job and accepted it that week only to start the week after.  The stressful part was just after 2 days, my new boss left me to my own device to figure things out and take on a massive high priority list of things to do whilst he was out of town. A good friend of ours basically said I was losing it. I really was. My chest was tight, I felt like I couldn't catch my breath.

I'm grateful that Bossman encouraged me to take the time off, sort my visa and spend it with my friend Line in the city that I love. At same time, my paranoia's about leaving the family and traveling on my own reached an all time high especially since the crazy disappearance of MH370!  I managed to get on that flight and away I went and I'm glad I did.


It's a bird, it's a plane its...

Bossman!  In case you had not seen the video on our facebook page somewhere, here's a snippet of what went on a few weeks back.  Our friend James happens to be a trapeze instructor and got a few of our friends together to try it out. I was too chicken to try but that's James catching Bossman.


July 4th Weekend

July 4th fireworks over Brooklyn Bridge.. looks pretty amazing (Source: unknown)
When our new Mayor announced earlier this year that the July 4th fireworks was going to be brought to Brooklyn and will stay on this side, we couldn't be happier but we instead decided to spend it with our friends at their place out in long island. It had been awhile since we had been back there and the kids (Chloe, Anja and Charlotte) hadn't seen each other in a long while. 


BBQ at Pier 5

The weekend prior (yes still playing catch up on here) we had a lovely long weekend... testing out the bbq along the pier near us which were installed in the last few months. It was packed as expected but still lovely to be able to have a bbq it's a rarity in this city. It was also the first weekend I've really been able to enjoy homework + stress free for about 3 mths and thankfully the sun was out for us and at 27 deg we felt it was boiling! We were so not used to it that it made us so sleeepy (I'm sure the champers and drinks helped with that)
Jumping about, trying out a hand stand! 
Missy was loving being outside and dipping her feet in water and being quite adventurous about it all. She was so happy!
Kayla came by for a playdate